Something new {dfw birth photography, birth videography}

I was asked if I could try a little video at a birth I was due to photograph recently.  I asked the other mama if she would like me to try it at hers too and she said “sure!”.  It was quite the juggling act trying to work two cameras and capture the moments I wanted to in video AND as a still image, and I have buises on my hips proving that (from two cameras on my hips for 64 hours within 3.5 days).. but I think it was totally worth it.  Both mama’s wanted to share their beautiful experiences.  I used two different cameras, a Nikon for one and a Canon for one, it was neat to see how the different cameras would do as far as quality and exposure.  Although both turned out great, I think I’ll stick with my canon, I’m a hard core canon girl! 

Be on the look out for a post with more birth images but here are the videos for now.  I am in computer limbo and it is difficult for me to post here often (I don’t run the internet on my editing computer and my lap top quit without giving me a 2 week notice).  If you go to my facebook page, I’m able to post there more often. 


Here are the links to the videos.  These two mamas were amazing and their husbands were equally amazing in supporting them.  I also got to work with 2 sets of midwives I had never worked with before and I love getting to meet new ones and see how they work.  I LOVE our birth options in our area!  Between 3.5 days and 2 births, I worked 64 hours at births last week… it was exhausting and wonderful all at the same time!  Love doing this work!


Peyson’s Homebirth


Kyle’s homebirth


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3 Responses to Something new {dfw birth photography, birth videography}

  1. Tiffany says:

    Wow I’m only a couple of minutes into Peyson’s birth video and I’m starting to cry at the moment of her in the tub, looking at the ultrasound picture. Not only is your photography breath-taking but these videos are gorgeous. Amazing job!

  2. R.Baker says:

    I just watched Kyle’s homebirth. What a beautiful beautiful video! My favorite moment is when the Big Brother meets new baby for the first time, the smile brought tears to my eyes – such a proud big brother! Simply Beautiful! Thank you to this family for sharing such a personal moment. Has me wanting #3 🙂

  3. lauradurrer says:

    Your videography and editing work on Peyson’s birth was amazing. I had birth photographers at my last two home births and their slideshows are the world to me. I am also a birth photographer when i’m not busy sleeping 😉 Can’t seem to live on call so I utterly admire your dedication to both birth, photography and sleep deprivation.

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