About Me

I have a passion that runs deep through my veins when it comes to birth.  I have given birth to five (yes, FIVE) beautiful children.  Each of their births changed me in some way, and I grew from each birth in a way that helped shape the woman, mother, friend and photographer I am today.  I began working in the birth community in 2006 as a doula.  Life events have steered me towards photography and I found an even deeper passion for not just attending births and helping women, but for capturing life through the lens.  Preserving moments only God can give us.

“And from His fullness, we have received GRACE upon GRACE”

John 1:16

~Natasha Hance, LMT

Email me at NHance5@verizon.net for any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

or look me up on Facebook at

NHance Photography


One Response to About Me

  1. I LOVE your photos!! I live in Harriet Creek, as well. I saw an email you posted through Harriet Creek Moms and decided to check out your pics– LOVE THEM!! How much do you charge?? I’d love ot pass your info out as I hear need — I work for a church in Trophy Club and also have a ministry/outreach outside of the church spreading Hope. check out our site : http://www.prisonersofhopeoutreach.com

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