Maternity at the Fort Worth Stockyards {Fort Worth Maternity Photographer}

I have been dying to shoot at the Fort Worth stockyards.  When I brought it up to these two mamas, they both decided that is where they wanted to go.. so we went… and boy was it worth it! Love this place. 




And the two big sisters tagged along with both sessions.. so I couldn’t leave without at least one!


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fun in the sun in my own back yard … {Justin, Fort Worth Childrens Photography}

I recently aquired a new lens and like a child on Christmas morning, I could not wait to get it out to play!  I have been wanting to work on a full sun and back lit project, so this was the subject of this session.  Of course, I can’t help but LOVE my subjects, because, they’re MINE! Except the Diva in the leopard print dress, she is the bff of my diva.. but close enough to my own, I’ll claim her. 


These were all at the park a block away from my house.. I’m thinking we will be going back there for future sessions!






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Baby Elizabeth {Euless newborn photographer}

I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of this little princess.  It is such an honor to get to celebrate a jouney with a family.  So far we have captured her pregnancy, birth, and newborn and we already have our next session on the books!  She is such a beauty!

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my birthday buddy!! {grapevine birth photographer}

I was afraid I may miss this sweet little girls birth.  I was hired last minute for her birth and I knew I was available except for Easter weekend while we were in North Carolina.  I had awesome back up, but I still didn’t want to miss this birth and I prayed for perfect timing.  We drove, 22 hours, with 5 kids across the US April 26th.  We were 3 hours from home eating breakfast and I got a text that she had been up with contractions, and felt like today may be “the day”.  I put my back up on call and told her I would be available around midnight that night and was praying hard that she have an easy, slow and steady day!  I had previous plans that night as well for my 30th birthday that I could not miss.  We continued to touch base all day and it seemed like this little one was indeed going to not only wait on me to get back in town, finish my birthday plans, but also be born ON my birthday!  Seriously, it does NOT get better than that… actually, it did.  This was probably one of the most fun births I have been to.  I had come from a Kesha concert that was gifted to me and I had glitter EVERYWHERE.  She made me promise I would not clean it off or change before I came in because she is a Kesha fan too.. I did change, but I didn’t do a very good job getting the glitter off.  It fit right in with this birth.  She was smiling and joking and laughing even in the middle of pushing.  This first time mom never once complained.  I was completely exhausted going on my 2nd night of NO sleep, but it was totally worth it.  So here are a few from the birth, and the link to the slideshow she wanted to share (in case you are wondering, I do two versions for parents if they want one they can share online with specific images left out.). 

and the slideshow…

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MY 3 girls!!! {momtographer}

I have been trying to make a point to capture more of my own family.  Thought I’d share a few of my own. 

and here are a few random snap shots from the last month …

my sweet baby girl “Ry” on her daddy’s back on a hike at the lake…

This is Kammy.. we call her “capt’ destructo'” .. she is my wild one, always climbing on things and getting into things… she keeps me crazy busy and always smiling.  She fell out of the cart at home depot (crazy scary.. she was sitting and we stopped to look at some rugs, she stood up and as fast as she stood, she reached for something and fell out onto her head, on the concrete floor!) and actually fractured her face and skull.  We had to limit her activity for 6 weeks so the bones could heal.  Crazy child!  She had a black eye for a month and for the first week, it was swollen nearly shut.  Poor baby!  This actually looks “good” and this was about 4 weeks after the incident!

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the “wild ones” family .. {dallas family photographer}

This family is dear to my heart.  I posted one image from this session last month but wanted to share a few more.  They are such a fun and insipirational family.  Mama “wild one” has a pretty awesome blog , you should check it out.  She’s a mama to 5 wild ones, too.. and doesn’t sugar coat life.  Go get “wild” and follow her blog!

And this is the storyboard I made to blow up BIG in their house as a stand out!

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Lovely Mama at the Lake… {dfw glamour, boudior photography}

Ok ladies…. so what, you’ve had a few kids?? Doesn’t mean you can’t still bring out your sexy.  We had a lot of fun on this session and plan to do another one in a few weeks!  It sure feels good to get some pretty pictures of YOU!  Thanks, “A”, for letting me share just a few and trusting me with this session.. you. are. beautiful!

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